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Master of Artistic Yoga ®

The course of Master of Artistic Yoga is an intensive course that takes place in Europe, America Asia and India, the course is only conducted by Swami Maitreyananda and Swamini Lakshmi. Ar for teachers of yoga of any style or for Teachers of Artistic Yoga the course consists of a certificate and a regimen of intensive study and practice. Yoga theater, choreographed yoga, mantra yoga music, all art forms of yoga, yantras, mudras, etc..
Whenever you get a certificate or diploma of yoga teacher or master of  artistic yoga, Insist on legitimate diploma signed by its creator, founder and inventor, with his signature: Swami Maitreyananda

To give the course of artistic yoga teachers, you need to be master in artistic yoga and be supervised by Swami Maitreyananda and Swamini Lakshmi.

Steps of Artistic Yoga ™, angas of Zilpa Yoga - Kala Yoga®

1) Asana and Padavi, yoga's posture and positions
2) Pranayama, control of energy
3) Swara yoga, yoga's breathing
4) Ekagrata, atention
5) Dharana, concetration
6) Sangita-nada, external and internal music
7) Mudra, seal and sign of yoga
8) Sambandha, link
9) Bhava, feeling
10) Gati yoga, yogic movement
11) Gatizila yoga, dinamic yoga
12) Samanvaya, coordination
13) Tala, rhythm and timing
14) Pravaha, flow
15) Kramaji, sequence or series
16) Pravaha Krama, choreography of asanas
17) Kala Yoga
18) Samyama, Dharana, Dhyana y Samadhi.

Swami Maitreyananda

Miami, U.S.A.

Course of Master
Teacher Training

Teachers Authorized
Since 1985 were 16 world championships of artistic yoga™ and 73 festivals around the world